Whispers At the Pandarus showing in Lagos

Sep 4, 2023

Tribe Studios introduces the production, thus:

“Whispers at the Pandarus” seamlessly blends mystique with philosophical introspection, inviting its audience to ponder the intersections of fate and free will. The story navigates the tapestry of existence, where the ethereal meets the tangible in a symphony of revelation and reflection.

It follows Kalu’s near-death experience as the veil between fiction and reality is torn. Kalu collides with the extraordinary and meets Anktabiya, a mysterious entity from the Pandarus. Their encounters peel back the veil between our realm and the Pandarus revealing the intricate design of serendipitous and karma events.

It also highlights events at the Pandarus such as Anktabiya’s love for Shalvata: the Pandarusian with a death kiss.

Showing on the 16th of September 2023, you can get tickets here.