Ijele Renaissance Theatre wins first place at Enugu Theatre Festival

Sep 24, 2023

Great news out of Enugu with the recently concluded Enugu theatre festival. Ijele Renaissance Theatre won first place clinching the grand prize in a tweet put out by the group. Twitter link

In an interview with Vanguard, the Chief Executive Officer of Chosen Vessels Global Outreach, CVGO, organizers of the festival, Dr. Chinyere Nwoye said it was a revival, a call for restoration, to harness the talents and potentials in the youths who, according to her, many of them have been going the wrong tracks of social vices which are self destructive.

“Therefore the Enugu Theatre festival is a way of telling them that there are potentials in them that need to be harnessed, that they should take advantage of other things than self destruct. We want our youths to grow for the future of our country.

“We are trying to bring them back so that the youths will not go back to drugs, so that they will say no to drugs and begin to believe in the country once again. This is to say to them that in whatever way they think that they have been ignored, that we appreciate each and every one of them, we love them and we just want to harness that potential in them,” Nwoye said.

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