Chief the Play showing in Lagos

Sep 24, 2023

A Kelvin Mary Ndukwe play is showing in Lagos and you have to go see it!

This is how it is described by 1000 stories: In a world where the end justifies the means, every villain is a victim when they tell their own story. A business man, A community lord, A father, A philanthropist, A man of means, A criminal, A bastard. Depending on who you listen to, he is either an angel, or a demon. Everyone has stories for days about chief. Everyone, but Chief himself. Until now. CHIEF is a fascinating story that takes us through the journey of a broken poor young boy who lives in the body of an old wealthy man with intriguing scars. Story of the man whose coming is told in hush tones. His life, his truth, his love, his youth. Ladies and Gentlemen, CHIEF is coming.

Starting at the end of September and showing all through October.

Get tickets and full details here.